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Vizag Tourist Attractions

The Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Rose Hill, built is 1864 in also a place
of interest to the tourists. The church is on Three hillocks, i.e, on the three peaks of Eastern Ghat mountain range. lt is adjacent to port and can be reached by route No. 13 bus to GPO from Collectors

In Durgakonda, one may visit the mosque dedicated to Ishak of Madina & the Venkateswar Temple built by Capt Blacknoor in 1886 at Venkateshakonda.

There is another beach at the end ofthe city called Rishikonda Beach. It is 8 km away from rly stn in somewhat quiet and deserted surroundings. In the backdrop of Eastern Ghat mountain, the milieu of tribal traditions, sandy beach with Tumarisk trees on the side with, hills on the other side and blue foamy sea in front is a bonus to the tourists. Punnami·
Rishikonda Beach Resort is on the beach. Buses, autos
and taxis are available.

Beyond Rishikonda along Beach Road further north is one of the finest place Bheemunipatnam in
Visakhapatnam, The natural beauty is unique. Bheemunipatnam is a place where river Gostani has merged into thesea emerging from Eastern Ghat. The name is derived from ‘Bheem', the 2nd brother of Pandava. The city buses, autos, taxis, travel to Bheemunipatnam 25 km away to the N-East of the city. The route is so beautiful as if the vehicles play hide and seek game with the ocean. Buses from 28 km away Vijayanagaram also arrive here. Bheemunipatnam is also called Vimili. One will relish the past in this deserted surroundings in the midst of calm and quiet golden beach, fishermen's daily activities, the light houses of ISZS, to see the relics of erstwhile Dutch port-city and fort. Along with boating, opportunities
for water-sports are also available. From top of the hill Nrisingha Temple founded by Bhecm during

Dolphin’s Nose VishakapatnamDolphin’s Nose:
Behind the Venkateswar Temple, crossing the Narabhagedda river by launch & climbing 380 steps and going down the slope,
beyond Navy (about 1 hr journey) is LightHouse on 358 metre hill.From 174 m high Dolphins’ Nose point, permission is granted on Saturday and Sunday to climb up the Light House.
From the top, the blue ocean and city look absolutely attractive. Light House sends signals to the ships at a distance of 64 km. These are also sharks in the sea. Yaroda Giri, i.e, the hills have reached sea in the shape of a Dolphin, Hence the name Dolphins' nose. There is a Durga mandir in
the island. Tourists may enjoy ajoy-ride by launch in the sea from Yaroda Jetty.

Ramakrishna Beach VishakapathnamRamakrishna Beach:
However 3 km from the city centre, Waltair's Ramakrishnra Beach (Mission Beach) is best of the lot. The beach starts from port area in south where mountain and ocean have merged into each other. lt extends upto Bhudha Park in north beyond Bishakhu Museum. In between of them a Kali Temple was built by the initiative of Badal Banerjee on 18 October, 1984.

Kailasagiri VishakapatnamKailasagiri:
lf one moves to the north along Beach Road and ahead of Appu Ghar, one reaches Kailashgiri, i.e, Mount Kailash at a height of 304 metres. Tourists have to get on the buses from Road Transport Complex and travel around 10 km to reach the foot-hills of Kailash and from there use the stairs to climb up to the peak. The auto service is also available at Rs 50—60. Taxis however can take one to the top using the hilly round road, ln the midst of quiet, peaceful and tranquil natural surroundings Kailashgiri appears to be a virtual heaven. The blue sea has surrounded three sides with sprawling golden beach, It seems that mountain has leancd on the sea—the blue water and blue sky have merged into each other and created an aesthetic beauty, The city also looks beautiful from the hill top. There is a disneyland like park on the mountain. Immediately after the welcome to ‘Kailashgiri Gate’, there is twin idols ofShiva-Parvati & a restaurant. Kailashgiri with its 100 acre area is an ideal picnic spot. Srec Kailnsh Girishwar temple is on hilly road & ‘Appu Ghar' is in the foot-hills on the beach.

Simhachalam VishakapathnamSimhachalam:
One of the most exquisitely sculpted shrines of Andhra Pradesh, Simhachalam temple is situated 16 km from Vizag among thickly wooded hills. The beautifully-carved 16-pillared Natya mantapa and the 96-pillared Kalyana mantapa bear testimony to the architectural brilliance of the temple. The image of the presiding deity, Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy, is covered by a thick layer of sandalwood paste.

The Vuda Park:
The Vudu park named after Mr. N.T. Rama Rao, the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. The park is popularly known as Vuda Park is a crowd puller which has boating facility, dancing musical fountains, skating ring, a gymnasium and a offerspleasure rides on horses and camels.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park VishakapatnamIndira Gandhi Zoological Park:
Like any other city zoos Vizag also have Zoological park known as Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. It is situated in between the National Highway 5 and the Beach road. It spreads over an area of 625 acres and exhibits about 750 animals belonging to about 90-95 species.

Borra Caves VishakapathnamBorra Caves:
Around 90 km from Vizag is Borra Caves house. Spactacular millions year old stalagmite and stalactite formations, standing as a testimonial to its pristine glory.

Tyda VishakapatnamTyda:
Tyda is a small village on the Eastern Ghats. Its on the way to Araku from Vizag. Tyda is around 75 kms away from Vizag. This place is full of its natural beauty of flora and fauna.

AP Tourism department in association with the Department of Forests has established the Jungle Bells Nature Camp which is an Eco Tourism Resort. The camp provides trekking, hiking and bird watching with great view of Eastern Ghat. Tyda is a must see place for nature lovers.

Submarine Museum:
To 1 km south of Visakha Museum is Submarine Museum. The technicalities of lndia's FirstSubmarine ship Kalabari( 1967— l 996) are shown here. Timings, Saturday and Sunday, 15-20:00 hrs ticket Rs 25. 0n otherdays, 16-20:00 hrs. The fishing harbour was built in 1978 at cost of Rs 4crore is an added attraction. The beauty of illuminated port-city at night mesmerises the people. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park on NHS is also very popular. Toy train leaves every hour on Park Safari for 45 minutes. Tigers, leopards, lions, numerous species of birds and reptiles are available here.